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AFA Arcade: TMNT, Little Kitty, Big City, Avatar and More


Today, animated film and TV is more popular than ever, but the biggest and most successful part of the animation industry is actually video games. Animation is a big component of almost every game (rare exceptions being text adventures and visual novels) and many games feature excellent storytelling. We cover games every now and again on AFA but we're planning on levelling up our games coverage with our new feature AFA Arcade. This regular column will bring you news from where the gaming and animation worlds meet as well as the gaming industry as a whole. Don't expect updates on the latest hardware or the newest Call of Duty or Madden- we aim to highlight the standout work being done in the games industry, whether it's a triple-A game or something from the smallest indie developer. 

Do you work in the animation side of the games industry, or are you an indie game developer? We would love to hear from you!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Join Street Fighter Duel

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a long history in video games stretching all the way back to the original NES and the arcade. They also have a history of crossing over with other characters such a Usagi Yojimbo and even Batman. Now these two things are set to be combined as the half-shelled heroes are coming to Street Fighter Duel thanks to Crunchyroll Games.

Leonardo and Michelangelo are available now, with Donatello and Raphael joining from May 15. Street Fighter Duel can be downloaded from Apple's App Store and Google Play.

According to the storyline the turtles' nemesis Shredder is teaming up with Street Fighter baddie M. Bison to get up to no good. Ryu, Chun Li, Ken and the rest of the World Warriors need to call on the help of the Awesome Foursome to fight the combined forces of The Foot Clan and the Shadaloo.

The turtles' in game appearance is based on their original 1987 designs. Players can combine the powers of Leo and Mikey to launch the strongest ultimate attack in the history of Street Fighter Duel.

Collect all four turtles for a limited time.

Solo Leveling: Arise Release Date Announced

Netmarble has announced a release date for their upcoming mobile and PC action game Solo Leveling: Arise. The game is based on the hit Web Toon , which has also been adapted as a popular anime series. Arise will be available to download from the App Store, Google Play and PC platforms worldwide from May 8.

Pre-registration for the game began in March, and more than 12 million users have already registered. Pre-registration is still available up until launch, and you can unlock extras for registering. Gamers can unlock Legendary Artifact Sets, a Chic Black Suit Costume for Sung Jinwoo, two Mana Power Crystal for each attribute (10 total), and 100,000 of Gold. They can also win Jinwoo’s cherished partner/hunter Yoo Jinho as a registration reward.

Solo Leveling Arise sees gamers step into the shoes of Jinwoo and see events depicted in the Webtoon first hand. They can experience his level-ups and progress through the story, taking on dynamic battles and creating their own combat styles. Not only can gamers team up with hunters from the Webtoon but they can also summon an Army of Shadows just as Jinwoo did when he first uttered the famous word "Arise".

Little Kitty, Big City Trailer

Check out the insanely cute trailer for the upcoming game Little Kitty, Big City. Just as the title indicates, the game will see players take the role of a little black cat, lost in a big city. Theoretically, the aim of the game is to find your way home, but it looks like you spend a lot of time being an adorable furry agent of chaos. Just like the real thing. One for fans of Stray and Untitled Goose Game. Little Kitty, Big City is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC from May 9.

Fortnite X Avatar The Last Airbender

The hugely popular free-to-play Battle Royale game Fortnite has launched various cross-overs during its lifetime. This has included several animated series. The next to be announced is a crossover with the original animated version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Gamers can step into the shoes (or sandals) of iconic characters from the series and unleash their Elemental powers to try to come out on top.