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New 'Ghost In The Shell' TV Series From Science Saru Coming 2026

Ghost In The Shell
is one of the biggest franchises in anime and manga. The cyberpunk saga started life as a manga by Masamune Shirow, then was adapted as a 1995 animated movie 1995 animated movie by Mamoru Oshii and its 2004 sequel, as well as three different TV series- Stand Alone ComplexStand Alone Complex, Arise and Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045, each of which also spun off movies and/or OAVs. The franchise also span off a PlayStation video game, a VR experience and a generally poorly received Holywood adaption starring Scarlett Johansson.

It's been a few years since Netflix's 3D CG take on the franchise SAC_2045 so it seems we're due another take on the material. Production IG have been involved with the series since the original movie, and have been a producer on every iteration since. This time it seems it's time for another studio to take the reins as the new anime will be produced by Science Saru- the studio that brought us Devilman Crybaby and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off- although IG are on the production committee, alongside Bandai Namco and Kodansha.

The new anime will be a  TV series. Speculation is already rife among fans- will it be a new story or a fresh adaptation of the manga? Oshii's original feature was adapted from the manga but was quite different from the source material. Would it be interesting to get a more comic-accurate adaptation or would that be redundant? Science Saru have proved themselves capable of producing work in a wide variety of styles so they could definitely reproduce Shirow's original comic style if that was the route they decided to go down.

The new series is due to release in 2026, so we'll be waiting a while. It's currently going by the title of Kōkaku Kidōtai which translates as The Ghost In The Shell. A teaser video has been released, that heavily leans on Shirow's original comics. You can be sure we will be keeping a close (cybernetic) eye on this one.