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Shout Studios Announce 'The Last Unicorn' on 4K, 'Dragonkeeper' Release

Fantasy and animation seem like a match made in heaven. Given that, there are surprisingly few fantasy animated films- at least in the west. Shout Studios has announced two new fantasy films coming to home entertainment formats this summer.

Beloved family fantasy film The Last Unicorn is making its debut on 4K this August. Releasing as a 4K UHD and Blu-Ray combo-pack and as a steelbook edition that will be available exclusively from Walmart. The new release is a 4K transfer of the 35mm interpositive along with Dolby Vision. It will include special features including an interview with writer Peter S. Beagle and more. Fans who order directly from Shout will receive a double-sided poster featuring both the SteelBook® and standard edition art, based on the original theatrical poster, while supplies last. 

Showcasing the latest ultra-high-definition restoration of the uncut film, endorsed by Peter S Beagle,  The Last Unicorn comes to life in detail like you've never seen before.

From directors Arthur Rankin Jr and Jules Bass (The Hobbit) and written by Peter S Beagle based on his own novel, The Last Unicorn is one of the most beloved animated fantasies of all time. It features an all-star cast including Mia Farrow, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Lee, Alan Arkin, Tammy Grimes, Angela Lansbury, RenĂ© Auberjonois and Robert Klein, and features original songs by the rock band America.

Shout Studios describes the plot:

Upon hearing that she may be the very last of her kind on Earth, a Unicorn (Mia Farrow) goes in search of others like her. Her quest won't be easy, as it leads her straight to the evil King Haggard (Christopher Lee) and his infamous Red Bull! And the journey is made even more complicated when, to protect her from the envious wrath of Haggard, a spell is cast to turn the Unicorn into the Lady Amalthea, a beautiful, young human woman. But with this new body comes new thoughts and feelings, such as love for Haggard's son, Prince Lir (Jeff Bridges). Will Amalthea get lost inside this new body? Will she meet the fate of the other Unicorns? Or will she be able to defeat Haggard and his Red Bull with the aid of her friends, Schmendrick the bumbling magician (Alan Arkin) and Molly Grue (Tammy Grimes)?


Thw special features include an audio commentary, original theatrical trailer and a Q and A with Peter S Beagle. The Last Unicorn will be released on August 20. You can preorder here.

Shout Studios are also releasing a much more recent fantasy animation feature in the form of Dragonkeeper. Based on the acclaimed fantasy novel by Carole Wilkinson, the film comes to home entertainment formats this summer, fresh from its theatrical release.

The film is a Spain/China co-production, directed by Salvador Simo (Bunuel In The Labyrinth of Turtles) and Jianping Li, with a screenplay penned by Wilkinson and Pablo i. Castrillo.

Dragonkeeper is the story of Ping, a young orphaned girl with a firey spirit who frees the last living dragon from captivity. Together they embark on a mission to find the last dragon egg, avoid capture by the Emperor, and uncover centuries old secrets that might just save the world.

The English language version of the film features newcomer Mayalinee Griffiths as Ping, and also features Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Detective Pikachu) comedian Bill Bailey (Spaced, Hot Fuzz) and Anthony Howell,

Dragonkeeper will be available from all major digital platforms from July 9. A DVD release will follow on August 27. You can preorder here