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Anime Limited Releases 2014 Schedule

Anime Limited is the UK's newest anime label. Despite only having published it's first releases in 2013, the company already has quite an impressive catalogue including gorgeous Blu-ray editions of Cowboy Bebop and Perfect Blue. Established by UK industry vet (and Scotland Loves Animation founder) Andrew Partridge, the company aims to become "the Criterion of Anime", and with it's choices of first releases, it seems to be well on target. The distributor has now announced via their website their schedule for home releases for the majority of 2014, which includes a Cowboy Bebop complete collection and Space Dandy- the much anticipated reteaming of Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe and Bandai animation. They also have a bunch of unannounced licenses which will be revealed over time, and a Kickstarter coming in "the next week or so". Here's the full list... (dates subject to change)

10 February: Garden of Words – Blu Ray (SRP: £19.99)
10 February: Garden of Words – DVD (SRP: £17.99)
TBC 24 March: Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning Collectors Edition Combi pack (SRP £34.99)
24 March: Outlaw Star Complete Collection (SRP: £34.99)

28 April: Durarara!!! Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set (SRP £79.99)
28 April: Nerima Daikon Brothers – Complete Collection (£39.99)
26 May: Durarara!!! DVD Complete set (SRP: £49.99)
02 June: Gurren Lagann – Ultimate Edition (SRP: £149.99)
20 June: Cowboy Bebop – Complete BD Collection (SRP: £59.99)

Announcements coming soon~~~

20 October: Gurren Lagann Blu-Ray set (TV series only, SRP: £59.99)
20 October: Gurren Lagann DVD Collector’s Edition (SRP: £79.99)
24 November: Space Dandy – Collectors BD set (13 episodes, SRP £69.99)
24 November: Space Dandy – DVD edition (13 episodes, SRP £49.99)

Letter to Momo – Collectors Edition BD/DVD (SRP: £34.99)
Letter to Momo – DVD edition (SRP: £17.99)
Patema Inverted – Collectors Edition BD/DVD (SRP TBC)
Patema Inverted – DVD Edition (SRP: £17.99)
Escaflowne Ultimate Edition – format TBC
Escaflowne Regular Edition – format TBC
HAL – Format TBC
Samurai Flamenco – TBC