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Anime Limited's Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter Meets It's Goal In Less Than 24 hours.

We've mentioned before our enthusiasm for the UK's newest label Anime Limited. Putting out gorgeous editions of classic films and shows, they're the collector's true friends. On Wednesday they launched their first Kickstarter campaign, and- amazingly- met the minimum goal in under a day.  Mai Mai Miracle is an animated feature from Sunao Katabuchi, a former  Protege of one Hayao Miyazaki, and assistant director of Kiki's Delivery Service. Why have AL turned to crowdfunding, rather than just stump up the cash themselves? This time they're hoping to bring the film not just to the UK, but the USA as well. It would be nigh on impossible (and very expensive) for a small boutique label like AL to make it in in the US alone. So it makes sense to go direct to the fans themselves and see if there was an audience for the film out there. And the fans have answered emphatically, smashing through the $30,000 required in less than 24 hours.  The next step is to raise $60,000 to be able to afford an English dub- which will help it reach a much wider audience. Other possibilities for future stretch goals include commentaries and other extras, so there's still plenty of reasons to back the project before the campaign closes on March 7th.

Check out the Kickstarter here