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Good Grief! Charming First Trailer for Blue Sky Studio's Peanuts Released

Well, how's that for timing folks? No sooner do we publish our review of Blue Sky Studio's Epic, the trailer for the animation studio's latest work makes its way online. Marking their second time adapting a beloved children's property (following Horton Hears A Who, arguably the only decent Dr Seuss movie adaptation to date), the 2015 movie is based on Charles Schulz's classic comic strip Peanuts. Turning Charlie Brown, Snoopy and chums CGI sounds like sacrilege, but the first teaser is encouraging and utterly charming. The visual style is nicely reminiscent of the classic look, but given an up-to-date sheen. Anyone who grew up with the classic animated version will find it comfortingly familiar. It's very early days, but based on this first glimpse, it looks like this much loved institution is in solid hands. Watch the first teaser below....

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