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The Incredibles 2 Is Happening At Last

Since the Disney/Pixar merger took place, there's no doubt that the animation powerhouse has relied more heavily on sequels (and prequels). In fact, since 2010 Brave has been their only original release. While we don't agree with assessments that Pixar's best days are behind them (I wrote an article about it) it is disappointing to see them falling into this habit. This doesn't look like it's going to change either as Disney boss Bob Iger has officially announced that another two sequels are on their way.

The first of the two is- no surprise- a third Cars film. Despite a disappointing second film, the franchise has proved an enduring hit with kids and has spawned enough merchandise to fill a small country. But much more interestingly, an Incredibles sequel has been confirmed at last. Pixar's 2004 Brad Bird directed superhero romp has always seemed a natural fit for sequelising, but the producers have remained tight-lipped on the subject. With the 10th anniversary of the original release approaching and Brad Bird having moved onto live-action, it was looking increasingly unlikely, so it's nothing less than a fantastic surprise. Brad Bird is expected to return to write, although it's not known yet if he'll also direct.

We don't know when we might expect either film, but it will be some time off.  Brad Bird is currently working on the enigmatic live-action Tomorrowland for 2015 release, so he's unlikely to start work until next year at the earliest.