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Secret Of Kells' Nora Twomey To Helm New Feature "The Breadwinner"

Ireland's Cartoon Saloon are quickly becoming a real force to be reckoned with in the world of animation. Having brought us AFA fave Secret Of Kells and with the follow-up Song Of The Sea keenly anticipated, the animators from the emerald isle are getting more and more notice on the international stage. Song Of The Sea is being directed by Kells co-director Tomm Moore, but what of his co-helmer, Nora Twomey? What, you might ask, has she been up to? Now we finally have an answer as her next project has been announced: an adaptation of acclaimed novel The Breadwinner from Deborah Ellis

The film promises to be a very different proposition from Song Of The Sea. The Breadwinner focuses on a young girl named Parvana living under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. When her father is unjustly imprisoned, she disguises herself as a boy and becomes the breadwinner of her family. Twomey will direct the movie which is being co-produced with Canada's Aircraft Pictures. Production is due to start before the end of the year.

This sounds like a fascinating project, very unusual in comparison to most feature animation produced in the west. On paper it sounds quite similar to the excellent Persepolis , which likewise featured a headstrong young girl in a strict Islamic country.  It will be interesting to see what style the finished work takes- will it be cartoonish like Kells or take a very different approach? You can be sure that your pals as AFA will be keeping a keen eye on this one.