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Web Animation Watch: Hot Cakes, Kim Jong Un & Fun Dead

The internet and the proliferation of software such as Flash has truly democratised the world of animation. The world of web animation is a fast-moving and exciting field that has brought to light some serious talent. But with so much stuff out there how do you know what to watch? Welcome to Web Animation Watch!

One of the biggest names in animation is Eddsworld, started by a talented young fellow by the name of Edd Gould. Tragically, Edd passed away in 2012 from cancer, but the Eddsworld Legacy project has kept it going in his memory and raised lots of money for charity to boot. Just released is this excellent (and very funny) short named Fun Dead. It's got zombies. Everyone loves zombies, right?

 On the other hand, if there was a King of Internet Animation it would probably be Weebl of Badger Badger Badger and Cat Face fame. His newest series is Hot Cakes, a bizarre and irresistibly twisted creation with a style all of its own. It recently reached its third episode, but you can start at the beginning right here, blood!

How Batman Begins Should Have Ended.

College Humor may have a name that is spelt offensively to my British Eyes but they put out some great stuff, both animated and otherwise. This Hunger Games parody is hilarious and features some of the best anime-styled animation seen in a US made short. Sure, anime is Japanese, not Korean, but we'll let that detail slide....