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Anime Limited Kickstarting Patema Inverted "Ultimate Edition"

Having already launched a very successful Kickstarter for Mai Mai Miracle, the UK's newest anime label is again turning to crowdfunding. The key difference is while the first campaign pledged to bring the film to fans across the world, this time the focus is on the firm's home turf. The film in question is Patema Inverted (check out our preview of the film here) and Anime Limited are asking for funds to launch a deluxe "Ultimate Edition" of the film in the UK. This edition will include not only beautiful packaging but extensive extra materials from the film, including a 126-page artbook and artcards.

Why crowdfund this release? The distributor is well known for bringing extremely high-quality Collector's Editions of their films and series to the market, and here they're looking to take it to the next level. Essentially, if this release was distributed through normal channels such as Amazon, the price would be prohibitively high (£84.99). Whereas by going directly to the fans, they're able to bring the costs down to more than half that (even more for early bird backers). The campaign is due to launch May 2nd, so if you want to support high quality releases like this, get involved.  Check out the full details on the gorgeous ultimate edition below.

" Ultimate Edition
This is our crowning achievement - we've actually gone and licensed the official design works, which allows us to create an Ultimate Edition of the film. That's not all though, below is a list of what you get in this edition:
- Ultimate Edition box, with custom digipack to hold the DVD and Blu-Ray and any other goodies produced as part of the Kickstarter.
- A numbered art card certifying the release.

- The visual fan guide
(full of art, settings & design notes) - translated into English for the first time.

- A replica of Lagos' letter from Patema Inverted (it's spoilery so we can't tell you more now ;)).
- Collector's edition of the BD/DVD
Some of the stretch goals will probably centre around adding more to this as well - so watch this space!"