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Watch Bruce Timm's Batman 75th Anniversary Short.

It's easy to forget the comic-book characters we all know and love are cracking on a bit.  Superman turned 75 last year, and heck, even eternal teenager Spider-man is now over 50. The Dark Knight himself was the latest to hit a major milestone, recently reaching 75 years young.

DC/ Warner Bros marked the occasion with a special animated short from Bruce Timm, the animation legend best known for the classic Batman The Animated Series. With a nifty noirish monochrome retro feel, Strange Days is a long way from Christopher Nolan's gritty recent take on the character. While Marvel seems to have the live-action comic world sewn up, DC seems to be inching ahead when it comes to animated versions of their properties.

Fans of that classic animated version will get a kick out of the piece, which features an appearance from villainous Dr. Hugo Strange. Check it out below!

 Last year Timm was also involved with the Superman anniversary short, which took Supes from his earliest incarnation right up until his current Man Of Steel big-screen version. It was a lot of fun, and some would argue that it was the best Superman thing to come out in 2013.

Check out the Superman short after the jump.