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Locksmith to be UK's "First High-End CGI Feature Animation Studio".

The UK has several world-class visual-effects houses, responsible for bringing to life many of the big hits of recent years. Yet the country is somewhat lacking when it comes to studios producing full-blown Computer animation. This is set to change however with the establishment of Locksmith. Britain's "first high-end CGI feature animation studio".

While UK originated CG features such as Flushed Away have made it to cinema screens, they have been at least partially animated overseas, with Aardman's dabbling in the artform co-produced with Dreamworks or Sony's in-house animation arms. Locksmith, however, aims to make full use of the substantial pool of Local talent, as well as benefiting from recent tax breaks for UK animated productions. The studio is the brainchild of Sarah Smith, an established comedy writer, director and producer who moved into animation with a position at Aardman Animations. While there she made her animated feature directing debut, co-directing (and co-writing) the studio's thoroughly charming Arthur Christmas.

The fledgling studio is set to have a close relationship with the freshly established animation division of  Double Negative, the renowned visual-effects firm behind such films as The Dark Knight, Skyfall, and the forthcoming Godzilla reboot.

No details about forthcoming projects or films have been announced at this time.

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