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Web Animation Watch: Simon's Cat, Surgeon Simulator, Homestar Runner Returns and more

The internet and the proliferation of software such as Flash has truly democratised the world of animation. The world of web animation is a fast-moving and exciting field that has brought to light some serious talent. But with so much stuff out there how do you know what to watch? Welcome to Web Animation Watch!

If you've ever owned a cat (if anyone can ever be said to truly own one) then you'll understand the appeal of Simon's Cat. Created by British animator Simon Tofield, the shorts have become something of a phenomenon, with millions of fans and spinning off books and merchandise. Any cat person can see that these things are amazingly well observed, capturing feline behaviour with an accuracy never seen before. With only the merest hint of exaggeration for comic effect, Simon's Cat truly captures the joys and frustrations of sharing your house with a furry friend. The latest episode "Crazy Time" brings to life the very real phenomenon of a kitty's "mad half hour"

Web animation legend Weebl's Stuff features a veritable banquet of stuff not only from the man himself, but a whole array of mightily talented animators, writers, and other fine folks. This hilarious tie-in with the game Surgeon Simulator is animated by Peabo and written by Eddie Bowley and Joel Jessup.

When web animation was still in short pants, one of the earliest cult creations was the bizarre Homestar Runner. April Fools Day 2014 saw the first new content from the site since 2010. Is it a proper comeback or a one off? We don't know yet unfortunately, but we can but hope.

Hilariously acerbic webcomic Cyanide & Happiness successfully crowdfunded a second series of animated shorts which are being gradually released on an unsuspecting public. This latest episode is here and it's as smart and twisted as ever.