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Aardman Releases First Trailer For Shaun The Sheep Movie Into The Wild

Aardman Animation are arguably the best producers of stop-motion in the world today. America's Laika may be catching up fast, but Britain's biggest animation studio has more than 30 years of experience, and some of the most talented animators in the world.  We haven't seen a new feature from the guys and girls from Bristol since 2012's ace Pirates: In An Adventure With Scientists, and frankly, that's just too long. Their next release Shaun The Sheep The Movie isn't due until 2015, but we've at least got a teaser trailer to tide us over for now.

Shaun has been one of Aardman's most beloved characters since he first appeared in the Wallace and Gromit Oscar-winning short A Close Shave. Since then he's had a popular TV series on CBBC, but this will be his first big screen outing. The film will follow Shaun and his pals as he heads to the big city to bring home his farmer. Shaun The Sheep The Movie will hit UK cinema screens on March 20th 2015. Hey, I managed to do this whole thing without making a single sheep pun- not baaad eh? (Oh nuts!)