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Disney's Frozen is Now The Most Successful Animated Film Ever

It's fair to say that Disney's latest animated flick Frozen has captured the public animation more than any other Disney animation in recent years. In fact, it's near-universal acclaim has been of the level not seen since Disney's feature animation's 90's Renaissance (which brought us the Lion King, Beauty and The Beast et al). It's been breaking various box-office records along the way, but the latest one is the Big One. This past weekend it was officially announced that it has surpassed Pixar's Toy Story 3 to become the most successful animated movie of all time.

Recently becoming the first Disney animated film to cross the billion-dollar mark, the Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee directed mega-hit has now surpassed even Pixar's biggest smash. Not only that, but its is currently the tenth biggest film overall at the worldwide box-office.

The question is, how will Frozen's success affect the future of Disney's output? The most obvious (but least exciting) response would be to produce a sequel. Or will we simply see more in the same vein- more traditional Disney musicals with snazzy CGI animation? Sadly it seems likely that either way it will be seen as a sign by the suits that the public only want to see CG animation now. Could Frozen have been as successful if it had been (as originally planned) traditionally animated? We'll never know, but the blockbuster success of the computer animated Frozen is likely to be another nail in the coffin of the traditionally animated Disney film. Which is a great shame

Frozenis available on Blu-ray, DVD and download in the UK from today.