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Get A Sneak Peak At The Simpsons/ Family Guy Crossover Episode

The news that Fox was going to air a Simpsons/ Family Guy Crossover episode was met with something of a mixed reception. Some of those who believe that The Simpsons jumped the shark (or nuked the fridge) years ago claimed it was a sign of desperation. Others felt that America's longest running animated sitcom was somehow lowering itself by mixing with Seth MacFarlane's series. But for many fans it'll be a much-anticipated event, seeing two of their favourite sets of characters sharing the screen for the first time ever. A 5-minute preview was screened at last week's San Diego ComicCon, but luckily for those of us who couldn't be there, the footage is now available on the interwebs.

For those wondering how the two contrasting styles will mesh, it's good to get a chance to see it in action. For the most part it works surprisingly well, but it seems all kinds of wrong to have a rape joke in The Simpsons- and something of a lapse in judgment to include it in the preview. Hopefully, Family Guy's self-conscious edginess will be dialed down somewhat for the episode proper. Also look out for a cameo for Bob Belcher from the excellent Bob's Burgers.  The hour-long special will air on Fox on September 28th 2014, and presumably on Sky One in UK sometime shortly after.

 [Via Slash Film]