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250+ Artists Reanimate Sailor Moon in "Moon Animate Make-Up"

Recent months have proved there is still considerable affection for Sailor Moon out there. Both the re-release of the original and the recent d├ębut of the reboot Sailor Moon Crystal have generated considerable buzz. It's also resulted in a distinct uptake in the levels of fan art and homages out there.  Moon Animate Make-Up, however, might prove to be the ultimate tribute to the anime classic.

Moon Animate Make-Up was a crowdsourced project to remake a single episode of the original series (episode 28 "Fractious Friends"). Between October 2013 and earlier this month, more than 250 talented artists contributed at least one shot, made in their own style and edited together skilfully by Kaitlin Sullivan. It's an irresistible concoction, showcasing a wide variety of styles and some really gorgeous artwork. Similar projects have been produced by fans of Star Wars and Night Of The Living Dead, but it seems better suited to the short form of a single episode. Watch the finished piece in all its glory below!