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Web Animation Watch: SpaceBear, Sci-Fi Spoofs and more...

Advances in technology and the spread of the internet has made it easier than ever for animators to get their stuff out there. This also means it's easier than ever for the good stuff to get lost in the crowd. How do you know what's worth watching? That's where we come in! Welcome back to Web Animation Watch.

The latest release from Cartoon Hangover is the frankly glorious SpaceBear. If the title alone isn't enough to sell you (really?) then the original art style and the incredibly distinctive way the characters talk should do it. Created by Andy Helms.

If you're in the UK, Channel 4's Mashed shorts (from creators including Weebl and RageNineteen ) is now available via the broadcaster's on-demand platform 4oD- meaning you can enjoy your favourite web animators on more platforms such as consoles, smart TVs and mobiles. Their latest release comes from Toonocracy and spoofs a ton of sci-fi classics (and not-so-classics) in a short space of time!


A Lovely Day in The Park takes a turn for the considerably twisted (and hilarious) in this short from Ross Plaskow.

Are you a web animator who's produced something you'd like to see in a future Web Animation Watch? Drop us a line.