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Anime Limited Releasing Giovanni's Island In The UK

The UK's youngest Anime distributor Anime Limited is building up quite a diverse catalogue already. As well as classics like Cowboy Bebop and Perfect Blue, they're also bringing out newer title such as Space Dandy and Kill La Kill. The near future also includes some high-quality  releases of theatrical animation in the form of Mai Mai Miracle and Patema Inverted, thanks to successful Kickstarter campaigns.  Their latest acquisition is another feature but this time it's receiving a more traditional release, with a cinema run followed by a home release.

Giovanni's Island, from acclaimed studio Proudction I.G is an animated historical drama set after the Second World War. Set on the island of Shikotan which was invaded by the Soviets and incorporated into the Sakhalin Oblast after Japan's defeat. But despite these events completely outside their control, Japanese and Russian children are able to overcome the language barrier and forge friendships against the odds. This 2014 film has screened to wide acclaim, already winning a Jury prize at this year's Annecy Festival.

The film will screen in at least 7 UK cities during October and November, with festival screenings in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh confirmed so far. Then later it will be released in 3 different varieties for home release:

  • The Deluxe edition (limited to 1000 copies) containing an artbook and limited edition packaging. £54.99 SRP
  • Standard Blu Ray edition, featuring 55 minutes of extras. £19.99 SRP
  • Standard DVD edition, featuring 55 minutes of extras. £14.99 SRP

The deluxe edition is currently scheduled for release this winter, with the standard editions to follow in January. Venues for the  Screenings will be confirmed by Anime Limited in the autumn.

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