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Now Streaming: Ghost In the Shell Arise, I Know That Voice, TinTin and More...

It's the start of another month. which means a bunch of new titles have hit online streaming service Netflix. The titles vary depending on where you happen to be in the world, but when animation (and other titles of interest) are added we're going to do our best to let you know. This month sees a couple of notable additions to the US version of the service in particular.

Gurren Lagaan (US and Canada). Shortly after being added to the UK version of the site, this great fun giant robot anime from fan favourite studio Gainax (Evangelion) is now available for North American subscribers too.

Ghost In The Shell: Arise. (US and Canada) Steaming ahead of the home video release, this is the latest version of Masamune Shirow's Cyberpunk classic. Set in the year 2027, it follows franchise protagonist Kusanagi in her younger years. Subtitled Only.

I Know That Voice. (US) Not an animation, but a documentary fronted by John DiMaggio, the voice-actor best known for playing Futurama's Bender and Adventure Time's Jake The Dog. It's a documentary dedicated to the often overlooked craft of voice acting and features appearances from many of the legends of the field.

The Adventures Of TinTin (UK and Ireland) The classic Belgian Boy reporter and faithful pooch Snowy star in the classic 90's version of his adventures, spanning three seasons of daring-do.

Asterix The Gaul/ The Twelve Tasks of Asterix.(UK and Ireland) As with TinTin, many Brits grew up reading translated versions of these hugely popular French comics. The animated film versions (of which these were probably the two best) might not have been quite as good as the original "bande dessinee" (graphic novels) but will have a nostalgic appeal to many nonetheless.

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