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90s Cartoon ReBoot Returning With "The Guardian Code"

If you were a kid in the 90s you might well remember the Canadian animated series ReBoot. It was a 'computer animation' in every sense, as not only was it one of the first series to be animated with the then-new technique of digital animation, but the series itself actually took place inside a computer. The whole series imagined a world based on the characters who lived inside the virtual world, many years before Wreck It Ralph did a similar thing. It followed the fight between the guardian sprites and computer viruses, and although the animation may be dated, it had a lot of interesting ideas and is fondly remembered by many.

What you might not know, is that ReBoot is due to return. It's tempting to call it a reboot of ReBoot, but technically it's actually a sequel. The new series will feature characters from the original run (presumably alongside new creations) but bring it up to date with all the technical advances made in the twenty years since the original aired. The aim is to appeal both to fans of the original and to a new younger audience. More than a year since the new project was announced, the series finally has a title- The Guardian Code- and a logo.

The revival is being produced by Rainmaker Entertainment and Mainframe, with no air date yet set. The new series hasn't been picked up by a network as yet, but the producers are hopeful it will find a home with original Canadian network YTV. Do you remember ReBoot? Are you excited to see it come back or is it better left in the past? Let us know your thoughts!

[Via The Mary Sue]