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Now Streaming: Sword Art Online, Wakfu, Adventure Time and More

It's November, it's another new month, so it's time once again so see what new animated content has hit Netflix. Following recent addition by Anime Limited, the UK version has seen a number of exciting new Japanese animated series from Manga Entertainment hit this week, including the hit Sword Art Online and the excellent Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Meanwhile, there's
also been a couple of series such as Magi, and Yu-Gi-Oh added to the service on both sides of the Atlantic, plus a couple of surprising exclusive additions for Canadian fans. More details below:

  • Adventure Time Season 2 (UK). The second Season of Pendelton Ward's surrealist masterpiece.
  • The Boondocks Season 4 (Canada) US Series following the streetwise Huey Freeman after he relocates to the suburbs.
  • Fairy Tail (UK)  popular anime adventure series set in a world of wizards and magic.
  • Full Metal Alchemist (Canada) Anime following Alchemist brothers Ed and Alphonse as they try to reclaim their bodies following a disastrous attempt to resurrect their dead mother.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (UK) More faithful to the original manga, this is a superior reboot/retelling of the above.
  • Magi (US, UK, Canada) 'Arabian Nights' inspired anime series, starring Aladdin, Alibaba and more.
  • Mike Tyson Mysteries (Canada)  Adult Swim series about the former boxer and his crime-solving adventures.
  • Stein's Gate (UK) Time-Travel based sci-fi anime saga.
  • Sword Art Online (UK) Hit series following characters trapped inside a deadly online world.
  • Wakfu Season 2 (US, UK Canada) French anime-style animated series continues.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (US, UK, Canada) Card-game based anime action series from the early 2000's

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