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Snoopy Takes The Spotlight in New 'Peanuts' Movie Trailer.

Charles Shulz's beloved Peanuts is due to come to cinema screens for the first time in 2015, courtesy of Fox and Ice Age creators Blue Sky Studios. Although it didn't seem like the most obvious property to get a big-screen outing in the twenty-first century, the first teaser won a lot of people over. The film has a look that is true to the source material, and nothing like anything else we've seen the studio produce so far. This week saw the release of a much more substantial second trailer. Confirming a Christmas 2015 date, the new trailer sees Snoopy get the majority of screen-time, with Charlie Brown only making an appearance later on.

As with the earlier teaser, we get a good look at the visual style, which does a great job of aping Shulz's deceptively simple designs. It's also animated in a way designed to look more like the traditional animation of the old Peanuts animations, and moves much less smoothly than most modern animation. In fact, it looks so authentic, it's tempting to wonder why it just wasn't made as a traditional animation...

The trailer suggests at least part of the movie might take place at Christmas. This is actually a really smart move, as due to the classic Holiday specials, for many people Charlie Brown is a character they closely associate with the festive season.  The only real bum-note here is in the use of a really out-of-place contemporary pop song during the trailer. Hopefully, it only features in the trailer, and this isn't an indicator of what to expect in the film itself.

For reasons best known only to the Fox marketing bods, the film will be released in the UK under the unwieldy title  Snoopy & Charlie Brown: A Peanuts Movie. Check out the new trailer below.