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Tom & Jerry Return to Screens For BBC Children In Need.

Everybody's favourite Cat and Mouse duo are making a surprising return to UK TV screens on Friday 14th of November.. and it's all for charity. A brand new Tom and Jerry animated short will air as part of the annual Children In Need telethon on BBC One, sometime after 9.30pm. Warner Bros. animation apparently approached the BBC with the idea, which sees the classic character encounter several current BBC stars, including the stars of Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off and The Apprentice (we'd prefer Doctor Who and Sherlock but what can you do?).

The animation was done in the US, in collaboration with BBC staff across the pond.  According to the print edition of the Radio Times, the animators were (understandably) unfamiliar with the British TV personalities, but used video footage as reference material. UK viewers will be able to appreciate what a great job they've done from the images that have been released so far. Check out more pictures after the break.

Donate to BBC Children In Need here.