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Web Animation Watch: Cyanide & Happiness, Morph, N00bs Man Retreat and more

Advances in technology and the spread of the internet has made it easier than ever for animators to get their stuff out there. This also means it's easier than ever for the good stuff to get lost in the crowd. How do you know what's worth watching? That's where we come in! Welcome back to Web Animation Watch.

Anarchic webcomic Cyanide & Happiness has translated excellently into animated shorts. A while back they launched a Kickstarter to produce longer episodes, to great success. The Cyanide & Happiness Show has now launched, and it's just as gloriously twisted as you might think.

Also crowd-funded, but couldn't be more different is the latest Morph episode from Aardman. The revival of the classic character has been going down a treat and has even snagged a British Comedy Award nomination!.

The Third and Final Episode of Tea & Cheese's excellent video-game based series N00bs Man Retreat is now available via Mashed. See Part 1 here and 2 here, in case you need to catch up first.

Fantastic Viking-themed animation Shieldmaiden from real-life Norseman Pirate Pudding is the start of a saga we can't wait to see more of! If you're interested you can contribute to the Patreon to help them make more.

Are you a web animator who's produced something you'd like to see in a future Web Animation Watch? Why not Drop us a line?