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Live-Action Anime Double: Rurouni Kenshin 2 Hits the UK and Attack On Titan Images Released

The Japanese have actually been adapting their comics and animation into live-action film and TV for about as long as those mediums have been around. As manga and anime have become more popular in the West though, viewers outside Japan have begun to take more notice, with some very high profile series getting the live-action treatment more recently.

Hot on the tail of Black Butler, Warner Bros are bringing the second Ruroni Kenshin movie Kyoto Inferno to select UK cinemas on November 28th. The samurai-era actioner is based on the hit manga, which is perhaps even better known through its animated adaptation (sometimes also known as Samurai X). The subtitled English trailer can be seen below.

Meanwhile, fans in Japan and worldwide are keenly anticipating the big screen live-action adaptation of current 'it' series Attack On Titan. As in common in Japanese film (ala the Death Note adaps) the manga is being adapted into a two-part series, due to open next Summer. A series of character posters have been released giving us our first look at the characters in costume- and they're surprisingly bad-ass. In a refreshing twist on the 'white-washing' prevalent in Hollywood, the movie drops the western inspired characters of the original for an all-Japanese cast. Apparently, the producers favoured actors who could capture the spirit of the characters over physical resemblance. Check out some of the posters below, via ANN.