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Pixar News:Inside Out Character Posters, Good Dinosaur Art & Toy Story Special Promos

2014 is the first year for nearly a decade where there has been no new Pixar movie. Next year, however, we're due TWO, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. Arriving in June, Inside Out is from Pete Docter- director of Monster's Inc and Up. It's got the interesting concept of taking place inside the brain of an 11 year old girl by the name of Riley. Following up the first teaser trailer, Disney Pixar have released a set of brilliant character posters, introducing the "little voices" inside her head. You can check out the full set of characters below.


Next up will be The Good Dinosaur, expected in November 2015. Originally planned for release last summer, trouble behind the scenes saw the film delayed by over a year. The film is set in at alternate history where dinos never went extinct, and now live alongside humans, and follows a young dinosaur who adopts a human boy as his pet. The film has apparently undergone considerable story changes since original director Bob Peterson was removed from the project. A charming piece of concept art has been released from the movie that you can check out here.

Before all that though, a brand new Toy Story 30 minute TV special is due to air. Toy Story That Time Forgot sees Woody, Buzz and friends encounter a gang of dinosaur toys that remain unaware of their true plastic nature. The special will air on The Disney Channel in the US on December 12th and on Sky TV in the UK. Two new 15 second promos have now made their way online.