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New 'Inside Out' Trailer: It's Gonna be Emotional

In some ways, Pixar's forthcoming Inside Out is their most important film for some time. It's their first original (non-sequel/prequel) since Brave, and it feels for some people like it's got a lot to prove. It's got a killer concept that harkens back to the days when Pixar could do no wrong, and sees the return of one of the Studio's old hands to the director's chair. So for those who feel Pixar have lost their way of late, this film is saddled with the burden of proving that they've still got the magic touch, despite the occasional misstep (*cough* Cars 2 *cough*). On the strength of this second trailer, we've got nothing to worry about.

The new trailer gives us our first proper look at how the film's going to work, alternating between the normal human world and the internal world of the emotions that live inside the character's brains. The emotions are personified as loveable creatures representing joy, anger, sadness and disgust. Pete Docter (Up, Monster's Inc) brings us this tale centring on 11-year old Riley as she struggles to cope with moving to a new town after her Dad gets a new job. Even this short trailer suggests we're in for a real treat- it looks like it's going to be funny, sweet and yes... emotional. Could this be their best since Toy Story 3? We wouldn't bet against it. Inside Out is due to open in the US on June 19th 2015 and in the UK on July 24th.

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