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Animatsu Announce 'Gatchaman Crowds' UK Release for April 27th.

Animatsu Entertainment, the UK's newest anime distributor is gearing up for its first release. The company, founded by former Manga UK man Jerome Mazandarani has confirmed that Gatchaman Crowds will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK from April 27th 2015.

If you know your classic anime, you may be aware that Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is the retro superhero team show that made it to the West in edited form as Battle Of The Planets, and later G-Force. Gatchaman Crowds is a modern reboot, but is absolutely not a straight remake, this time surrounding schoolgirl heroine Hajime.  The official synopsis and more details follows:

 A secret war rages in the shadows of Tachikawa City, where every day its unsuspecting citizens fall prey to the unseen and unfamiliar foes around them. With the citizens powerless to stop their erratic and indefensible attacks, a new kind of hero emerges to push back the encroaching darkness: enter the Gatchaman! Gifted with alien technology the likes of which the world has never seen, and imbued with a much needed jolt of whimsy and adventure from its latest oddball recruit, Hajime Ichinose, the Gatchaman’s mission is to protect in secret, to defend unnoticed.

The UK release mirrors the earlier US one from Sentai, and will feature all 12 episodes both in English language and subtitled versions.