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New 'Minions Movie' Trailer Introduces us to Scarlett Overkill

Everyone loves the Minions, right? Whatever you may think of the Despicable Me films just about everyone agrees the custard-coloured critters are the franchise's strongest element. But giving them their own spin-off is a risky undertaking- can they carry the entire weight of a film on their own tiny shoulders? Or will it be too much of a good thing? The first trailer temporarily waved off such worries by being something of a work of art in its own right- but the concerns remain.

The second proper trailer actually gives us more of an idea of what to expect from the finished film. It packs the Minions off to 'Villain-con' where they (and the audience) are introduced to their new super-villain boss Scarlett Overkill. Having them work for a female supervillain (voiced by Sandra Bullock) does offer the spin-off a slightly different twist, but will it be enough? So far, we're not sure how Illumination Entertainment will manage to make this truly a Minion movie, rather than just a Despicable Me 3 in all but name. But we sure do love those Minions, so we're looking forward to finding out!

Minions will be released in cinemas in the UK on June 26th and in North America on July 10th 2015.Check out the trailer below