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Big Hero 6 Was The Big Winner at the VES Awards

The awards season just keeps rolling on, with the BAFTA Film Awards coming this weekend and the Oscars later this month. However there are also some lesser known awards ceremonies taking place, and some of them are relevant to animation. Wednesday saw the VES Awards- the ceremony awarding excellence in visual effects.

The ceremony had five categories specifically relating to animated film. And in stark contrast to last weekend's Annie ceremony, it was Big Hero 6 that was the big winner. The Disney feature took home all five, winning in every category it was nominated. Most impressively, the creation of the city  SanFransokyo was able to win for best models in any Media project overall- meaning it beat out any live-action movies, TV or video games as well as any other animated films. How To Train Your Dragon 2 and The Boxtrolls, which were the other major nominees, went home empty handed.

It's certainly proving to be an interesting season for animation. Going into it, it seems that everybody expected The Lego Movie to win everything, but it has proved to be largely shut out. It seems like Big Hero and Dragons 2 are sharing much of the awards glory this year. It's making thing a bit more unpredictable and it's definitely more intriguing than last year's straight-up Frozen sweep of every award going.

The awards won by Big Hero 6 were:
  • Outstanding Animation In An Animated Feature Motion Picture
  • Outstanding Animated Character In An Animated Feature Motion Picture for Baymax.
  • Outstanding Created Environment In An Animated Feature Motion Picture for Into the Portal
  • Outstanding Models In Any Motion Media Project for The City Of SanFransokyo
  • Outstanding Effects Simulation In An Animated Feature Motion Picture