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'The Anime Encyclopedia' Third Edition Now Available

One of the most exhaustive resources available on Japanese animation in the English language is the previous edition of The Anime Encyclopedia from Stone Bridge Press. Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements are two of the UK's- scratch that, the English-speaking world's- most trusted experts on anime and manga, so they were the perfect duo to put together such a book. Educational, insightful and extremely entertaining, it's a must have both for fans of the medium and anybody interested in writing on it. Few writers on the subject have the level of in-depth knowledge these two can offer, and their writing has been hugely influential on a certain website. The 2015 arrival of the third edition it something we've been looking forward to... and it's arrived at last!

The third edition contains over one million words, including an astonishing thousand never entries and four thousand updates. The hardback print edition in something of a monster- and that's reflected in the price, currently at $79.98 on Amazon. Many readers will probably plump for the cheaper Kindle version, currently selling for $31.40. The digital version is also available on alternative platforms such as iBooks and Nook. Over on Amazon UK, the Kindle version is currently available at £20.39, with the print version expected in March. If the previous editions are any indication- expect this to be utterly essential.

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