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Web Animation Watch: Parrot Away, Weebl's Wildlife and More...

Thanks to the new digital frontier of the internet, there's more animation available than ever before. But with so much material out there in this web-wild-west, how are you supposed to know what's worth your precious time? That's where we come in. Welcome to yet another Web Animation Watch!

Who's a pretty boy then? Not this bird, as Parrot Away follows a parrot who is.. aesthetically challenged. The not-so-pretty-polly searches for somewhere to belong in this lovely work from The Animation Workshop.

What If Han Solo had been played not by Harrison Ford but by Al Pacino? Get a glimpse at this hilarious (NSFW) alternative universe with What Almost Was from Mashed!

Don't know about you.. but I've always had my suspicions about Dolphins. I just know they're up to something. The truth is finally exposed in the new series Fin Punch, from Cartoon Hangover- new episodes due each Thursday!

Animator/ Musical maestro Mr Weebl has put together some of his finest musical moments together for your enjoyment. This compilation is on the theme of wildlife and includes classics such as Kenya, Owls and of course Badger Badgers Badger

See more animated awesomeness, hand-picked by us here. Are you an animator who'd like to be featured in a future installment? Drop us a line.