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First 'Toy Story 4' Details Revealed

When it was first announced that Pixar was going ahead with a fourth Toy Story film, a lot of people rolled their eyes. Surely Toy Story 3 was a perfect capper to the trilogy, bringing the story to its natural end? Yet the announcement claimed that the studio's Brain Trust had come up with an irresistible concept, and that was the only reason they were making it now.

Now, thanks to an interview with Disney Latino, translated by Slash Film's Angie Han,  studio president Jim Morris has spilled some (rather unexpected) details. It seems that the new film will not directly carry on the story from the previous film and will instead be something rather different.

In the interview, Morris shares the view held by most fans that Toy Story 3 was the perfect end to the trilogy. But he says Toy Story 4 will tell its own story. While the earlier films heavily concentrated on the relationship between toys and their owner, this will be focussed much more on the relationship between the toys themselves.
In fact, Morris describes the new film as a "love story" or a "romantic comedy". If that's the case, it would certainly be fresh territory for the franchise.  Although such an idea might be greeted with horror in some circles, it seems like a smart move to distinguish this from the previous films. It would be foolish to try and recapture the magic of the originals- so taking a fresh angle could be a very clever thing to do indeed. Remember that Toy Story 3 is basically a prison escape movie. But it's also so much more than that.

The new film is being scripted by newcomers Rashida Jones and Will McCormack- who have experience working in the romantic comedy genre- and will be directed by John Lasseter. Toy Story 4 will be released sometime in 2017. Does this news make you more or less excited about a new Toy Story movie? Let us know!