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Oh My Glob! 'Adventure Time' Movie Headed To The Big Screen

Rejoice! Adventure Time, the insanely creative Cartoon Network series dreamt up by Pendelton Ward is to get a feature length outing. Set in the land of Ooo it follows the exploits of adventurers Jake The Dog and Finn The Human. The premise sounds like standard kiddie fare, but Adventure Time is anything but. Its unique flights of fancy and off-the-wall cast of characters have made it a firm favourite with audiences of all ages.

Few details are known so far, but we do know that Chris McKay and Roy Lee, who previously worked on the highly successful Lego Movie have signed on as producers. It's also been announced that Ward- who recently stepped down as show-runner of the series itself- is expected to return to have a role in writing and producing the feature. Other than that, we're still in the dark with most details, such as when we might expect it and how the movie will be animated. We'd certainly hope that the film will be animated in 2D in the same style as the series, but nothing has been confirmed as yet. The series if full of glorious visuals with an occasional Miyazaki-esque influence so we'd be sad if the opportunity to make a truly beautiful 2D animated feature was missed in favour of 3D.

The show deals in eleven-minute episodes, so it's going to be quite a step up to create a movie length story. It's a challenge we're pretty sure they'll be up to though, and we can't wait to find out more. Cartoon Network has stayed out of the movie biz since The Powerpuff Girls Movie flopped, but parent company Warner Bros. apparently has a fresh appetite for animation following the huge success of the Lego Movie. The unexpected box-office success of the new Spongebob movie also probably didn't hurt either. Whatever the reason, the more Lumpy Space Princess we get the better, as far as we're concerned!

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