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Dragon Ball Sequel Series 'Dragon Ball Super' Announced

When Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods was released, it was the first new Dragon Ball movie in 18 years. Since then, another movie has been made, again taking place after the events of the Majiin Buu saga. This summer will see yet more new Dragon Ball anime, this time in the form of a brand spanking new TV series.

Dragon Ball Super is a sequel series, that will take place after the events of the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It will however apparently ignore the events of the now largely forgotten Dragon Ball GT, which aired in 1996-97, immediately following the conclusion of DBZ. The new series will (as with GT) be an original story, not adapted from Akira Toriyama's original manga. However, as with the recent movies, Toriyama is expected to be involved, credited as creator and "original story and character concepts".

Dragon Ball Super will air Sundays from July on Fuji TV in Japan. Western companies will presumably be scrambling to bring this to English-speaking fans as quickly as possible. However, as a hangover from the floptastic Dragon Ball Evolution live-action movie,  Fox may have first dibs- which is why it took so long for Battle Of Gods to make it out in English.

The latest movie Dragon Ball Z; Resurrection F will be released in US cinemas this summer via Funimation. No UK release has been confirmed at this time.