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Live-Action Anime Double; 'Attack on Titan' English Trailer and 'Death Note' Gets a Director

Australian distributor Madman have been killing it of late. Their upcoming slate includes When Marnie Was There, the new Dragon Ball Z movie and The Boy and The Beast. What's more, the Down-Under label has on several occasions got a head start on their Up Over (?) equivalents, arriving in Australia and New Zealand before elsewhere in the Anglosphere. Such is the case with the Attack On Titan live-action movie, which Madman have announced will come to Australian and New Zealand cinemas this year.

The live action incarnation will be a two-part event (which has become quite common in Japan) releasing in Japan in August and September. There's no more specific Aussie release date yet, but Madman have debuted the first official subtitled trailer for the film. Showcasing some impressive visual effects for the Titans themselves, and an easy-on-the-eye cast, it's looking like a treat for fans of the acclaimed anime. Read on to check out the trailer and hear new details on the Hollywood adaptation of Death Note.

An American version of the hugely successful manga and anime Death Note has been in the works for some time. It's already worked as a Japanese made live-action feature -again in two parts- so there's no reason it can't work again. The film has been hanging around for some time and directors Gus Van Sant and Iron Man 3's Shane Black have previously been attached to the project. It seems to be back on the table once again as it's been reported it has a new script and a new director.

The script comes from Jeremy Slater who was responsible for the script of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, while Adam Wingard has signed on to direct. Fans of genre movies may well be familiar with Wingard's previous movies including slasher You're Next and last year's thriller The Guest. It's certainly an interesting choice.

Death Note, the original manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata follows a teen who finds the titular notebook, which allows him to cause the death of anybody whose name is written within. He takes it upon himself to cleanse the world of evil, but finds himself in a battle of wits with a mysterious and brilliant detective -known only as L- determined to crack the case.

Death Note is currently available in English. from Viz Media.