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Kickstart This: 'Coluboccoro'.

Awesome Japan Inc have already had considerable success on the Kickstarter platform, successfully funding the shorts Santa Company and Go! Samurai. Their latest campaign sees them reteam with Santa Company's Kenji Studio to bring the fantasy short Coluboccoro to English speaking audiences.

Coluboccoro is a story set in a fantasy world ".. not of the now. At the birthplace of culture and religion. Where science has evolved amongst a gathering of races and people both high and low. In a town, with a ruler. Like any other town, unlike any other ruler." That ruler is a young girl named Suzu who journeys to the mysterious Forbidden Ground. The short looks to have some gorgeous animation- and no wonder as animator Kenji Itoso studied under Hayao Miyazaki and the much-missed Satoshi Kon.

We normally highlight crowdfunding campaigns in their early stages, but in this case the Kickstarter is ending on May 1st. The good news is that the campaign has met its original goal, which was to raise funds to create an English subtitled version on DVD and Blu-ray. That means if you back it now you're guaranteed your copy- and if the stretch goal of $100,000 reached additional scenes will be added.

To celebrate meeting the goal, Kenji Studio has released an extended video which you can feast your eyes on below. For more details and to pledge your support head over to the campaign page now.