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Madman Releases Subtitled 'The Boy And The Beast" Trailer.

Mamoru Hosoda, director of films such as Wolf Children and Summer Wars is due to make his much-anticipated return to Japanese cinema screens this summer with The Boy And The Beast.  The film will follow lonely human ("The Boy") Kyuta who is taken under the wing of a bear-like creature named Kumatetsu ("The Beast) after he gets lost in the realm of Beasts. The first English speaking distributor to announce plans to release the film is Australia's Madman Entertainment, who have announced a theatrical showing for the new film.

To mark the occasion, they have now also released the first official subtitled trailer for the film. Fans of Hosoda's previous work will recognise the beautiful animation style on display here. Hosoda's visual flair and heartfelt stories have won him comparisons with Hayao Miyazaki  Based on the strength of this trailer, The Boy and The Beast isn't going to change that.

The film is devised and written by Hosoda himself. It looks like it will be closest in feel to his previous film Wolf Children, with similar connections to Japanese folklore and mythology. Check out the trailer below.

The Boy and The Beast opens in Japan July 11th, and The Australian release date is TBC. No US or UK release have been announced just yet, but Funimation and Manga Entertainment have released Hosoda's previous movies.