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Netflix Reveals 'DreamWorks Dragons: Race To The Edge' Teaser Trailer

Recently we learned that the third season DreamWorks Dragons, the TV spinoff of the hugely popular How To Train Your Dragon franchise was due to launch on Netflix this June. Now the video streaming behemoth has released the first teaser for the new series, which is to be titled DreamWorks Dragons: Race To The Edge.

The new series will take place between the events of the first two films in the franchise- more precisely, one year before the events of How To Train Your Dragon 2. The full (13 episode) series will hit wherever Netflix is available from June 26th.

The name implies it will focus at least partially on Dragon Racing- a concept introduced in last summer's film.

Check out the teaser, and the official synopsis below.

"Hiccup and Toothless are back in an all-new action packed series DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge. Their quest: to explore strange new worlds, seek out never-before-seen dragons and end the war between Vikings and dragons once and for all. All episodes arrive only on Netflix, June 26."