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Cartoon Saloon's 'Ellie The Ace' Trailer Takes Off

Cartoon Saloon are best known for their Oscar-nominated features Song Of The Sea and The Secret Of Kells. However, they're also in the business of making TV series such as Puffin Rock and Skunk-Fu. Ellie The Ace is the newest series in development at the studio- and it's looking to be every bit as charming as any other Saloon production so far.

The series is created by Louise Bagnall and follows the 10-year-old Ellie- a pint-sized adventurer and flying ace who lives in the islands of Lockhart. Based on the first concept trailer it's set to boast a strong female lead and a lovely visual style.

The trailer was made to try and attract investors and potential broadcasters at the International Cartoon Forum event in France. It's not quite a done deal then, but early signs are positive. The project has garnered interest from not only Ireland's RTE but also Disney, among others. The studio is apparently in "advanced negotiations" with the House of Mouse over several territories, according to trade bible Variety.

This is looking to be quite a treat for animation fans young and old. If the series does go ahead, it will more than likely be quite a while before we see it on our screens. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below.