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KickStart this: Impotents

One of the advantages of the Internet as a way of both distributing and funding animation is that it allows content to be made that might have not been possible with a more traditional system. So it is with Impotents, a project currently seeking funding via KickStarter. The choice of subject is one that has made the concept tough to sell to broadcasters, so the creators are looking to fund a webseries to prove the concept has an audience.

Why so controversial? The series resolves around "four would-be gods coexisting in the modern world".  It's essentially a sitcom revolving around the comic misadventures of slacker versions of Jesus, Buddah, Ganesh and Artemis. While using religious figures as a basis of comedy is always controversial, the creators are clearly not going out of their way to offend anyone. It all looks in good fun and no more contentious than the likes of  Monty Python's Life Of Brian or South Park at any rate.

Impotents is the creation of Smoking Doors, an animation company set up by Canadian-based animators Jeff Cooper and Grahaeme Cowie. Backers need only stump up $5 CAD to get early access to the finished episodes. Other perks range from Digital artwork and collectibles to being immortalised in the series itself.

If you want to get involved you better get your skates on, as the campaign finishes on Friday May 22nd. Check out the campaign video below and head over to the campaign page for more info and pledge your support.