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Web Animation Watch: Weebl Special

Thanks to the new digital frontier of the internet, there's more animation available than ever before. But with so much material out there in this web-wild-west, how are you supposed to know what's worth your precious time? That's where we come in. Welcome back to another Web Animation Watch! But this is not just any old WAW... this is the 20th edition of the column!

And we thought, what better way to celebrate than by saluting the Web animation scene's top hero- Mr Jonti Picking: better known to millions as Weebl. He's been entertaining the interwebs for over a decade, over time assembling a team of talented cohorts making Weebls Stuff into one of the most loved brands in online animation.

He's also a talented musician and created dozens of tunes that have a habit of burrowing into your brain and never leaving. For this very special edition of WAW we've picked a few of our favourite of the Weebsters animated music videos from over the years.

Amazing Horse

This musical tribute to a particularly impressive equine specimen remains one of Weebl's most popular tunes, as is evident by the number of covers and tributes it has spawned. But then to be fair, that horse is pretty amazing. Just look at it...

Stephen Fry

Who doesn't love the British writer, comedian, actor, presenter and all-round legend that is Stephen Fry? Weebl wrote this ditty to celebrate this National Treasure, because surely somebody that awesome deserves a theme tune.


The Badgers that started it all. This simple and silly flash loop was many people's first encounter with the work of Weebl, and in many ways can be considered the video that launched his animation career. Years later this video would lead to Weebl teaming up with Queen's Brian May and Brian Blessed to launch a campaign against the  UK government's dastardly Badger cull


As well as being a talented animator, writer and musician, apparently Weebl is also apparently an unstoppable baby-making machine. As demonstrated in this documentary. Which is also one of his funkiest tunes, as it happens.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Not just funny, not just a catchy song, but also educational. Possibly. Or maybe not. But it does ask an important question- "why don't we wear Stove-pipe Hats no more?" They do look ridiculously cool- that's one indisputable fact!

Business Cat

Who's a cute little business man? Look at his little tie. You can't go wrong with cats on the interwebs. featuring excellent guest vocals from Jenny Bee.

You can help Weebl make more fantastic stuff by supporting his Patreon