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Latest 'Minions' Trailer Brings The Chaos To London

The Minions, the breakout stars of the Despicable Me franchise are getting their own movie this summer, in the spin-off/prequel simply titled Minions. Set before the custard-coloured agents of chaos meet Gru the film follows their search for a master, which ultimately brings them to supervillain Scarlett Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock).

The latest trailer -which Illumination have just unleashed- brings with it a raft of fresh footage. We see that Scarlett and the Minions will travel to London in order to try and steal the British Crown Jewels, which are kept in The Tower Of London.

The fact that part of the film will be set in the UK will certainly distinguish it from the rest of the series. It also might possibly have something to do with the fact the Minions are perhaps even more popular with British audiences than elsewhere- Despicable Me 2 was actually the number one film at the UK Box-office overall the year it came out.

We also get a hint at where things start to go wrong, with Overkill apparently turning on her underlings before the trailer ends.

Minions will be released in UK Cinemas on June 26th and on US Cinemas on July 10th 2015. Watch the new trailer below.