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Dragon Ball Double: 'Dragon Ball Super' and 'Resurrection F' Trailers Blast in.

Anticipation is high for Dragon Ball Super the first completely new TV series in the franchise since Dragon Ball GT. Like the much-maligned GT, Super will not be directly adapted from Akira Toriyama's manga, yet will take place in the same world. However, Toriyama is expected to be more involved in the new show this time around.

The fact this isn't being adapted from existing material will handily sidestep the 'filler' problem many anime adaptations suffer from. This will either be filler free, or entirely filler, depending on how you look at it. The series will take place after the events of the recent films Battle Of Gods and Resurrection F, and will include some of the new characters created for the movies.

Despite the fact that the series is due to air very soon, we've actually seen very little from it so far. A recent Japanese trailer has surfaced, that will give you one of your first looks at the thing in action.

And it looks... very much like Dragon Ball. There are no big surprises here but we imagine that DBZ fans are going to be very happy indeed. Watch the trailer (subtitled by Saiyan Island) below.

Meanwhile, US fans are preparing for the chance to see this year's Resurrection F movie, with it screening in US cinemas in August. FUNimation have released an English dubbed trailer for the film which sees the return of the dastardly Frieza. Check it out below!