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Stuff We Love: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and more

People who love animation, are quite often very creative themselves. So it is that fans like you create beautiful artwork, cosplay, videos, music and more inspired by their favourite animation and characters. We wanted to have a place to regularly highlight this and some of the other fantastic animation-related stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else on the site. Welcome to the (much delayed, sorry) second installment of Stuff We Love.

If you're an artist, cosplayer or creator who would like to feature in a future edition, drop us an email.

Jaw-droppingly beautiful Princess Mononoke, Little Mermaid and Howl's Moving Castle fanart from artist Sakimichan.




Check out the best Cosplayers at last month's MCM Comic Con London in this video from Sneaky Zebra!

Catch 'em all while lookin' damn good in this Pokemon inspired cardigan from Hot Topic.

A wonderful piano medley tribute to Studio Ghibli by the very talented Mr Jeremy Trieu

Amazing Artist Astor Alexander re imagines Dragon Ball Z as pulp fiction covers.

Celebrate Love Winning with this amazing cosplay of everyone's fave 'cousins' Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.