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Move Over Minions? 'The Secret Life Of Pets' Trailer débuts.

Illumination Entertainment are gearing up to release the latest entry in the Despicable Me franchise, with the Minions movie hitting multiplexes this summer. The third film in the series proper will follow in 2017, when Despicable Me 3 is due to open. In between the two, however, comes their very first film outside the franchise that made their name. Introducing The Secret Life Of Pets.

It's not opening for another year, but the first teaser trailer has already been released into the wild. As you might have been able to guess from the title, the film promises to offer us a glimpse into what our beloved furry (and feathered or scaled) friends get up to when we're not looking. The teaser basically introduces this fun central concept, showing a wide variety of the critters who live in the film's main Manhattan tower block.

Unsurprisingly from the studio that created the Minions, the trailer is both charming and funny, and the animals have real character. The film's events will be set in motion when pampered pooch Max (voiced by Louis CK) finds he suddenly has to share his home with a new dog, a scruffy mongrel named Duke. While we think this would probably enough to sustain a film alone, Illumination clearly doesn't as the two must soon set their differences aside to take on a devious bunny named Snowball who is amassing an army of abandoned pets to take revenge on those pets in happy homes.

The Secret Life Of Pets will be released June 18th 2016 in the UK and on July 8th in the US, and will also feature vocal performances from Lake BellKevin Hart and Ellie Kemper. Check out the full trailer below.