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'The Book Of Mojo' Returns to IndieGoGo

Back in March we ran an edition of our regular Crowdfund This Feature on the exciting looking animated project  The Book Of Mojo. Sadly, the project didn't meet its goal- but that wasn't the end of the road for Mojo. After going back to the drawing board, creator Everett Downing and his team (which features many veterans of animation companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks and more) have now launched a fresh campaign.

Starting life as a  self-published comic, the story follows a young runaway witch after she meets the titular Mojo, a 7-foot enchanted statue. After receiving a lot of interest in the animated trailer made to promote the comic, Downing saw that it had a lot of potential in animated form. However, it's more young-adult focus makes it a tougher sell to studios who still think all animation needs to skew younger. The funds are to help create an 8-10 minute short as a proof of concept, with the hope of then turning it into either a feature or a series.
The team is now seeking $40, 000- just half of the original goal. After failing to reach the original target, they are instead funding the project in stages. So while the original target was to fund the entire short (and get backers of $25 or more a copy), the more modest target is to build characters and environments. Of course, the more money raised, the more of the short can be produced. This time the project is using flexible funding, meaning that even if the goal isn't met, your contribution will still be guaranteed.

Here's what we said back in March:

Coming from an extremely diverse production team, the project is also aiming to present characters who aren't normally represented in animation.  "We were inspired to animate this story after completing a CG teaser for the comic book last year" says Everett. "Many of it's viewers were not only excited by the premise, but also by the story's female lead,  a strong young person of colour. As an African American father of two girls, imagery in the media is very important to me, and diversity is something I'm excited to address in a fun and entertaining way."
The new campaign runs until June 30th, so head over to the campaign page to find out more and pledge your support.