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The First Teaser For Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaur' Has Arrived

Typical. You wait years for a Pixar film that isn't a sequel (or prequel) and then two come along at once. We're not complaining of course, but 2015 is unquestionably a big year for Pixar fans. Not only is Pete Docter's Inside Out arriving this summer (riding on a wave of overwhelmingly positive buzz) but later this year sees the release of another original Pixar story, The Good Dinosaur.

This second of the studio's 2015 films has had a famously troubled production, with the original director leaving and the story being radically overhauled. The fact that we've now got a teaser is therefore pretty reassuring that the film will indeed meet its planned November release date. Up until now you'd be forgiven for suspecting if a delay may not be inevitable.

The film posits an alternative reality where dinosaurs never went extinct and would go on to share the earth with humans. The teaser really doesn't do much more than set up this basic premise, and shows us a small amount of footage. It is very much, as advertised, a teaser. We get our first look at the world of dinosaurs Pixar style and not much else. But as you might expect, that looks very much like it's going to be a sight worth seeing.  After all, who doesn't love dinosaurs?

Check out the trailer, and the new poster which was also just released, below. The Good Dinosaur will be released in US Cinemas on November 25th, with the UK release following on November 27th 2015.