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Watch This: Justice League Gods and Monsters Chronicles

While Marvel are ruling the superhero roost on the big screen, DC (Batman aside) have generally been finding more success on the small screen. As well as live-action TV series such as Arrow and The Flash, they've also had some considerable success over recent years in animated movies (released straight to disc or VOD). These movies have been able to stick more closely to their comic sources and offer various spins on their established characters and alternate universes that might confuse more mainstream audiences. Justice League: Gods and Monsters is one such out-there concept-, an alternative universe where dark takes on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are very different from the way we know them.

The movie is particularly noteworthy as it comes from the legendary Bruce Timm, the chief talent behind the classic Batman: The Animated Series from the 90s. Ahead of the film's July 28th release, Warner Bros/DC have teamed up with online content channel Machinima to present three shorts known collectively as Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles. Each of the episodes puts the spotlight on the alternate universe versions of the central trio. Fans of the original Timm Batman series will find plenty to enjoy here- and it will serve as a nice primer for the feature proper. Watch all three episodes below!